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Outside Opinion

...an art forum for those looking for fresh opinions on their creative work...

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here you can post your artwork during & after the process to gain an outsider's opinion...
Because everyone needs to get out of their own head sometimes...

Outside opinions can be very helpful in any creative process. This community has been created to provide a place where artists working in various mediums can receive feedback from different sources about work in progress & completed projects.

When joining the community, please follow the guidelines below:

1. First post needs to be an introduction with as much or little biography information as you wish. More important for the introduction post is a description of your passions, mediums, and interests. Please include any information or images that might be helpful in viewing your work and giving critiques: themes you work with, reoccurring problems or issues you want help with... basically a sampling of what you do as an artist, or hope to do, but not your entire portfolio.

2. There is a deadline on the first of each month.
*GASP!* Okay. Still with me? Please make at least 1 post of anything you like each month. Any medium. At any stage in the process. In addition to completed works you would like feedback on, monthly submissions can be written ideas, project outlines, sketches, storyboards, etc. Feel free to make multiple posts and post throughout the month too.

3. Monthly themes for the community will be introduced but participation is not required. If the theme interest you, create something new for that month. Previous work that ties into the theme is also acceptable.

4. All mediums are accepted! Images or blocks of text within a post should be no larger than 800W x 600H (can be seen without scrolling on an average sized monitor) and multiple images that exceed this size should go behind a LJ-cut. Music amd video clips should have the auto-start turned off.

6. It is perfectly acceptable to post a link for your work to be view externally: your own website, flickr, other blog, public sites containing your work. But please do not turn off comments on your livejournal post to direct comments to another space. Let people comment where they choose.

5. DO NOT post work that is not your own in submissions or comments. If you would like to refer to another artist with images or embedded media, always credit and provide a link. If referring to another artist by text only, a link is nice but not required.

Commenting Guidelines:

You do not have to be a community member to comment!

If you do not have a livejournal and want to comment, please post as "Anonymous" but be polite - make the subject line your name or email.

Non-constructive negative criticism will not be tolerated. On the flipside, non-constructive positive criticism is not highly valued either. Overtly generalized or non-specific comments are not very helpful when critiquing work. Make sure to give at least one reason why you like or dislike something. The idea is to give the artist some insight into what people are or aren't responding to.


There will be no censorship of artwork here.
Livejournal.com has its own set of prohibited materials, mostly things that are unlawful, but no additional censoring will be done. If you have delicate sensibilities or are under 18 years of age, this community might not be for you. Of course, when posting use common sense and if what you are posting is extremely, utterly, overwhelmingly graphic or disturbing, post it behind a LJ-cut.

Any questions? Email: contact@julijackson.com
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