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Flotsam & Jetsam DUE TODAY

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So I had to go with a WIP post for this month's theme due to my over-complication of every idea that I ever have. Someone else speak up and say this happens to you too?

This is a test for a much larger animation project. The idea of the sea and how it is always moving and slowly destroying the shores that contain it and the objects in it led me to see images of distortion and degeneration and disintegration. They say that even the massive ship body of Titanic will have been eaten away in 80 or so more years.

The images you see below are in the process of being
(cheaply) printed on 8.5x11paper. Basically i see
these crummy images of myself, and my restless sleep of the past few months, as flotsam or jetsam.
You (and i) can decide which when it is all done. of course it will make some sense in context!

Once i have this stack of 1,383 prints I would like to
tea-stain and age the images. What do you think about
ripping the edges? Making them fairly imperfect and
tattered? I will animate the stack buried in the sand
at a shoreline along the Pacific Ocean as the tide is
washing in. My hope is to time it right so that as i
near the end of the images, the tide will be rolling
in and covering the last few.

My capture media is an interesting choice. I will
shoot it all with B/W 35mm still film. This will allow
me to then hand-process the rolls to create strange
and uneven developing variations (yet, believe it or
not, this multi-step process is still more cost
effective that shooting & transferring 16mm!) After
processing, I will digitally scan the images and
animate them in the computer. Sound like a lot of
work? Yes. Do i think it will look interesting? Yes!
Do i have to finish this project before i move in two
months. YES!

Thoughts & ideas & laughter appreciated.

Also, any volunteers for a one-day beach shoot? No animating experience needed & i'll buy you lunch.
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On October 2nd, 2007 07:51 pm (UTC), megatron666 commented:
an ambitious, yet unique and interesting idea. i can't wait to see what becomes of it.
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On October 2nd, 2007 08:48 pm (UTC), julibat replied:
thank you for the encouragement!
i really need it lately. bogged myself down with too much stuff..
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On October 18th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC), cherryvalentino commented:
my simple mind can't grasp the idea. i guess because i know nothing about filming stuff?
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On October 18th, 2007 05:31 pm (UTC), julibat replied:
basically its process building on process. the end project will have a very dirty, unkempt, worn appearance, like something that has been drift at sea. what i hope it will look like is the pages will unfold in this shoreline environment and finally be taken over by the Pacific as some sort of personal metaphor for the mind and my screwed up feelings about this place i live. perhaps the pages are a window into the wreckage and the sea swallows it whole at the end, washing away both image and physical paper, hence flotsam & jetsam. Which is which is up to the viewer i think. there is certainly more than one way to think about this....

or wait, is it you don't understand how i will create the animation?
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On October 18th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC), julibat replied:
simple mind... HA!
why you gotta be like that? they were a decent enough band....

i love your headmeats. don't be knockin' em...
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On October 20th, 2007 11:58 pm (UTC), cherryvalentino replied:
i just didn't get the actual filming process. i didn't know if you were going to line up the pictures side by side along the coast and scroll over them or what. i think i get the idea, but i'm sure actually seeing it will help.

i'm sure it will be wonderful!

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