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Hello! This is my first post to here because I'm not good at Livejournal and am too busy to ever get on here. I currently live in a small Arkansas town. I like to knit, do paper crafts (valentines, cards, etc.), and take photos. I have a bachelor's in photojournalism, but really need to work on my technical skills with both cameras and photoshop.

here is my latest post to my photo journal on flickr - www.flickr.com/photos/cherryvalentino

i think that's the address.


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On September 28th, 2007 04:26 am (UTC), gaffeizil commented:
I heart Brandi.
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On September 28th, 2007 05:34 am (UTC), julibat commented:
hooray for your first post! i look forward to your posts as always, my favorite photo-posty buddy
you can ask me if you have livejournal questions. i shall answer. promise...

i like your lichens, alot! Definitely makes me ponder the shapes as if they were miniature aerial photos of a river delta or vast ocean reef... good example of your work. it also brings to mind one of your photos that i love which is the bloody tiles and cloth... wonderous.

my gut reaction is maybe punch up the color a bit more in this image. you can do this by using different films or changing the saturation on a digital camera or in post production, since you want to improve your skills in photoshop, try going under Adjustments >Selective Color to spice up the red berries and the green lichens to give the image more color contrast. of course i'm guilty of radioactive color balances sometimes... but i blame my washed out mac screen... (apparently mac screens are always lighter and brighter than PCs and especially LCD screens are brighter and lighter than CRT monitors...)

i could be telling you things you already know, in which case i suck. i'll try harder. ;) but i would really like to see those green lichen-colored spots on the berries really stand out from the red. almost as if the lichen created spots on the berries.

have questions? ask me!

i'm so glad you are here!

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On September 28th, 2007 02:43 pm (UTC), cherryvalentino replied:
i actually didn't know about the selective color thing, so i will try that if i have time this weekend! i just adjusted the levels and sharpened it so the detail in the lichens would stand out more.

and i always wonder that about my damn mac screens. i guess there's not much you can do about that, though. :P

I wish we had more overlapping arkansas time so you could teach me your magic photoshop skills!
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On September 28th, 2007 04:48 pm (UTC), julibat replied:
i don't know about magic... i just use it a lot. there are still a crap-ton of features i don't use that i should learn...

selective color is very useful. it allows you to change the color balance of certain colors only, instead of the entire color tone of the photo. You have individual control over the reds, magentas, blues, cyans, greens, yellows, even the blacks, whites, and neutrals. definitely play around with it. but remember to double check your work zoomed in. If you take the adjustments too far and really out of whack, you'll notice tiny dots of pixelated color in portions of the image. 'replace color' is also fun, but normally i find that it works best with a really good masked out area, not so much when applied to a whole image.

i find the best thing to do with photoshopped images, without buying a fancy monitor calibrating system, is to look at your images on different monitors and try to find a good balance. what looks nice and moody on a mac screen is way too dark on a pc screen, or if you do some adjustments on a CRT screen then look at it on an LCD screen, all the sudden you can see photoshopping marks (lines, selected areas you adjusted, bad coning) when it gets brighter. i am spoiled in being surrounded with computers all the time and i constantly look at my crap on different monitors to get a feel for what i'm doing. (even though sometimes i get lazy and don't make changes...) its even more difficult when you want to print something. so many variations!

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