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Hiya, I was hoping for some opinions on my collage/banner work.…

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Hiya, I was hoping for some opinions on my collage/banner work. Mostly Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Thanks!!! :D

None of the brushes were made by me, nor the wallpapers and textures.
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On September 14th, 2007 08:05 pm (UTC), julibat commented:
Hi & thanks for posting! Don't forget to create an introduction post. (see guidelines)

these pieces just scream off the page, or the screen, as it were. i'm a fan of the imagery you are drawing from. My favorites are the ones with images taken from pulp fiction / pin-ups. (2nd image) Really love the paper texture and would like to see more of it. i also like the cut and paste look you have going in many were the edges are part of the compositions. In #7 coloring on the right most figure is great. Reminds me of overprocessed degenerated video. Was that your doing? Or the sort image?

Can't say i've ever done anything so elaborate with digital image collaging. Would you mind tell us a bit about your process? Do you use photoshop? Do you scan in your images or objects? Where do you get your brushes/textures? Do you see these as stand-alone images, or possibly for magazine or illustration usage?

Suggestions from me:

You use a lot of layering which is colorful and bold and the faces are foremost the focus. Have you toyed with making some of the additional female forms just barely visible? Hidden behind objects and textures? Finding hidden images keeps me looking at an image longer and creates a bit of mystery. (like in image #8... the mirrored almost-silhouetted forms aren't the first thing to draw the eye... or like the pink background image on top and bottom of #9. maybe more of that?)

Otherwise? More handwritten text! I love it! (images #4 & #5)

Again thanks for posting and hope to hear from from you as the forum gets going.

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On September 15th, 2007 06:01 pm (UTC), jennifer_s_c replied:
Hiya! Thank you very very much for that. Its really great to get some opinions on my work as i never actually get many. I don't have a printer or really any good knowledge for websites so for the time being these are the only places i have. Anyway. That Kate Moss one with the very large colouring was actually a tile from photoshop and i think i made it pin light, and yes i do use Phototshop CS2.
The process, unbelievable i don't understand myself. It takes me about fifteen minutes or less on each one, very quick! And i just put things together and experiment. But my first thing is to always get good images, if the photos aren't nice then the collage won't be either. I don't scan photos, wish i had one! But i just go to like vogue websites, etc and find photos. The brushes and textures are very much for anyone who does not want to make profit from their work. They are from these guys







(whose recently sold her website but will be back so email them!!!)

(cos Kirsten Dunst is just the bomb!)












Sorry about all the credits, its just everyone should get a mention. I will defintely take your advice on the hidden photos, and yes i will most definetely do more handwritten stuff lol :D Thanks again!
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